With the set of Website Instruments integrated into the Web Site Control Panel, you are able to begin popularizing your brand–new site, right after it has been built. Using the RSS News syndication instrument, you can easily place a regularly updated news area in your website. While using GeoIP re–direction program, you’ll be able to reroute your site visitors in line with their location. On top of that, from the Sitemap Generator, you can make an in–depth sitemap for your site and send it to the major search engines.

A Sitemap Generator

Make a sitemap with all of your web pages in a mouse click

The fastest way to get your newly introduced website listed in the major search engines will be to post a sitemap. The sitemap displays all the webpages on your website and by uploading it to a particular search engine, you notify it you’d like to have those pages to be indexed in a timely manner. Sitemaps are often developed by 3rd party applications. Nevertheless, with MT Hosting, it is not necessary to navigate from the Web Site Control Panel. Our own in–house made Sitemap Generator is integrated into the Advanced Applications section and will complete a sitemap for you in a click of the mouse.

What you need to do is choose the max quantity of webpages you’ll want to be crawled, the depth of the crawled links and also the format of the sitemap report.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Geographic location–focused redirections with only a mouse click

MT Hosting gives you a great way to route website visitors on the basis of their whereabouts. From the GeoIP re–direction tool, you’re able to re–direct all of the customers who come from a specific location to a native language version of your web site. For example, if you’ve got an Italian variant of your website, you can quickly forward all the customers coming from Italy to that webpage instead of asking them to switch to Italian once they open the English version. This enables you to present your site visitors with a user–friendly onsite experience from the beginning.

It is not necessary for any particular skills or technical experience to utilize the GeoIP redirection tool. It’s all configured with a click of the mouse.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Display the most up–to–date publications within your website

What’s RSS? RSS represents a method for posting and collecting content. It’s being frequently used by media websites, private blogging sites, bulletins, and so forth. The published information is quickly picked up by a news reader and after that presented to the user. Utilizing RSS, users may get news from various web sites and read them in a single place.

Using the RSS News Publication application, you can easily incorporate news feeds coming from many of the world’s most famous publication portals and show them on you web site.

RSS News