Anytime you upload data on a web hosting server, it takes some space on the hard drive dependent on its overall size. When you operate a script-driven site which keeps its information in a database, it will need more space, the more people work with it. To give an example, if you have a community forum, the more comments people leave, the bigger the database will get. E-mail messages, particularly ones using attachments, also take some disk space in the site hosting account. The hard disk space quota you will get with any shared web hosting supplier is the overall amount of info you could have at any moment, and it incorporates website files, e-mails plus databases. Likewise, a computer has a hard disk and the programs installed on it and all the documents and music files that you make or download take some space, which cannot surpass the overall capacity of your hard disk.

Disk Space in Shared Web Hosting

To suit the processing potential behind all our cloud website hosting packages, we've thought over and employed the best possible alternative about the disk space - your hosting account will not be generated on a single server, but using a cluster platform. Therefore, what we have made is a large collection of servers that is centered on the file storage only, so you should never be worried about running out of hard disk space and having to switch to an additional server as your existing one can't accommodate more information. Whenever extra space is needed, we just attach more machines to the cluster, so the disk space is practically limitless. Of course, all our shared web hosting were made to be employed for sites, not for a database of big files. We have different machines for all the databases as well as the email messages.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers

With all of our semi-dedicated server plans, the hdd capacity attribute is unlimited, so that you are able to center on creating your web sites the way they should be and not worry about getting to some limit. Unlike lots of hosting suppliers that create accounts on just a single server, we use an in-house built cloud platform, that enables us to offer you truly unrestricted disk storage for each and every account. With just a single machine, there's a limited number of HDDs which you can use, not mentioning that the most widespread hosting Control Panels are not intended to function with several servers simultaneously. Our system, on the other hand, uses clusters of servers for the web site emails, databases and files, plus our custom-made Hepsia Control Panel was made to work with it. We are able to add as many servers to any of the clusters as needed at any given time, so the hard disk space is virtually limitless.

Disk Space in Dedicated Servers

Choosing dedicated servers you'll get all the hdd space that you will need for your sites, databases, e-mails and applications. Hundreds of gigabytes of storage will be accessible and not shared with anyone else, thus you will be able to upload all of the data you may need - site files, personal or company archive backup copies, etc. You'll have no less than 2 separate hard disk drives that work well in RAID, so one of the drives will mirror the other in real time to ensure that all your valuable info is always protected. If you like, you are able to use the hard disks independently and take advantage of the whole space in any way you see fit. If needed, you can also get supplementary hard drives connected to your server and enjoy even additional disk space. You have the option to make hosting accounts with pre-defined hard disk space allowances if you obtain your server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the hosting Control Panel. With Hepsia, which is the 3rd Control Panel alternative on the order page, all of the domains hosted on the server will share the hard disk storage and they'll be handled from one account. Either way, our dedicated plans will meet all of your demands no matter what type of site you have to host.